Eco Box

Don Capa – The creator of innovations

Don Capa has the privilege to present you ECO box concept.


Indeed, apart from the “ Limited Edition ” series, Don Capa does not produce cedar cigar boxes. In order to reduce the carbon footprint and thus contribute to a reduction in deforestation, Don Capa decided to pack his cigars into a “ humidor refill pack ”.

That being so, any client who would like to obtain a humidor box for his cigars, will be presented our ECO box system, a hermetic box made of recycled acrylic glass, integrating a digital thermo-hygrometer, a piece of Spanish cedar wood and a humidifier.


This system ensures a perfect preservation of cigars for several weeks, without the need to add distilled water. The ECO box will accompany you on your travels, serve as a decorative object and, why not, become the perfect gift.